Located In the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, BRV Farm is committed to growing and providing a diverse range of  high quality products. 

We are a family run farm blessed with 150 acres of beautiful land nestled in the famous Blue Ridge Mountains. We believe in strong family values as well as carrying on cherished family traditions.  Every product that we have to offer is grown only from the best quality seed that we personally researched and sought out from the best seed houses from across the world. 

To tell you a little about ourselves, my husband and I both grew up in a farming environment. I was born and raised here in the 

beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains  of Ashe County, North Carolina. Most of my childhood was spent working in the vegetable garden, tending to the livestock, and helping my mother pressure can our hard earned harvest each year. My true love for flowers did not begin until the passing of my father.  During that difficult time I received many flowers and plants from friends and loved ones and I was very adamant about taking the utmost care of each and every one of them. The chore of caring for the plants became very therapeutic for me and during that time is when my love evolved for growing beautiful flowers and plants. I still to this day continue to care for the ones from my Dad's funeral as well as many more.

My husband grew up in central Illinois on a small farm in Livingston County where farmers primarily grew corn and soybeans. Every summer you can see a sea of green stretching out for miles and miles. Some of the richest soils in the country can be found in central Illinois.  He got his first job when he was 8 years old walking soybeans with a hoe removing the various weeds growing up around them. As he got older, he graduated from working in the soybeans to detassling seed corn for several local farmers.  Also during his childhood, he would help his landlord sell Christmas Trees during the holiday season. 

Together, my husband and I, along with the help of family members, continue to love growing fresh flowers, produce, and various other products and we are eager to share them with you! 

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple. We want to make our customers happy. We take pride in providing healthy, naturally grown vegetables to benefit our customers' well-being. We also enjoy spreading nature's beauty to our customers' homes with our beautiful and fragrant, fresh cut flowers as well as providing Fraser Fir Christmas Trees during the Christmas holiday season. We specialize in growing unique, top of line products. If you are a chef, retailer, or just an individual looking for a grower to fill your needs, feel free to contact us. We are receptive to new crop ideas and fulfilling the needs of loyal customers.


We are so excited to share our journey with you on our upcoming blog. Please Stay Tuned!

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